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Onboarding Workflow

    1. Corporate Staff sends an invite to the new employee being onboarded
      onboarding workflow01
    2. Corporate Staff fills in employee details
      onboarding workflow02
    3. Both the CSM & Employee receive emails pertaining to the onboarding

        • CSM will receive the following email notification about the Onboarding
          onboarding workflow03
        • Employee will receive a welcome email with a link to the onboarding form
          onboarding workflow04a
    4. Employee must complete the form with the details required
      Mandatory fields are in red

      • Step 1 personal information
        onboarding workflow05
      • Step 2 – Employee will fill in experience and supporting documents in the step below.
        onboarding workflow06
      • Step 3 – Medical information will be filled in
        onboarding workflow07
      • Step 4 – Bank and Superannuation details will be filled in the step below
        onboarding workflow08
      • Step 5 – Employee must read the SKG policy and procedural documents and completion their induction.
        onboarding workflow09
    5. The first part of onboarding is completed.
      • The Employee will also receive an email with the message as below
        onboarding workflow10
      • CSM will receive an email with the link to approve onboarding.
        onboarding workflow11
    6. CSM to fill in the employee schedule for the invited employee
      onboarding workflow12
    7. The second part of onboarding process starts
      • Employee receives an email with the offer acceptance link
        onboarding workflow13
      • CSM receives an email with onboarding details
        onboarding workflow14
    8. The Employee needs to login to the employee portal through the link to review the document to sign which includes the engagement, schedule and handbook for signing. The screenshots of the documents are below.
      • Letter of engagement
        onboarding workflow15
      • Employment schedule


      • Cleaner handbook
        onboarding workflow17
    9. Employee signs after reviewing all the documents.
      onboarding workflow18
    10. The onboarding process is now completed. The signed documents can be viewed through the pdf icon on both admin and employee portal.
      onboarding workflow19
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