Improvements, Purpose & Responsibilities

SKG Pty Ltd ensures its business objectives are implemented on time and in full. The company has established an Improvement Procedure, which incorporates dealing with the following:

  • Service Requirements
  • Clients’ Feedback
  • Preventative Action
  • Corrective Actions
  • Non Conformances
  • Requests for Improvement

Quality Plan Methodology

SKG Pty Ltd has developed our Quality Plan Methodology as a guide to preparing work teams and equipment to commence Client contracts on time and to meet all specification inclusions.

Our service starts with the use of comprehensive implementation to ensure the smooth transition of the service provided by SKG Cleaning Services. All new projects involve a high degree of planning by our management staff. We endeavour to identify all issues, responsibilities & risks prior to commencement.

Once identified, these are assigned to various staff within our company, whose skills & knowledge are utilised to complete all necessary preparatory actions.

Each project is headed by a Project Manager, whose role begins with the start-up of the project and continues until the services provided meet the client’s stated levels.

STEPS we follow:

  • Scope of Work
  • Health & Safety
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Chemical use management
  • Cleaning Contract Commences
  • Structure of Working Team
  • Arrival on Site
  • Cleaning Completion
  • Reporting
  • Transition Time Line

Improvement Procedure

The outcome of a majority of actions in these areas serves also, to address the IMS combined requirement of Measurement Analysis and Improvement activities for our Business System.

This procedure is also intended to guarantee the deployment of suitable supervision, training, installation, contract management, client services and ensure our business processes are in place when contracts are commenced and progressively monitored through to completion. The presence of this monitoring is through site inspections, auditing, staff appraisals and requests for direct client feedback.

Further, the procedure serves to empower SKG Staff with ability to identify and document improvement areas (as non conformances to specified requirements or areas requiring improvement) and respond to client complaints and initiate and carry through and sign off on any corrective or improvement action(s) taken to rectify same. Further, the Improvement Procedure empowers managers and staff it initiate preventative action to continue or restore SKG’s good reputation in the cleaning industry.

All SKG staff and sub-contractors inducted into our Business System are responsible for ensuring all cleaning contractual activities meet the stringent controls that our industry operates under. Additionally, managers are responsible for tracking the progress of improvement actions, reporting outcomes to management (meetings), signing off on rectified non conformances and corrective actions and appropriate record retention.


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