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Adhoc Work Orders

Adhoc Work Orders allows tasks to be done as they are requested outside of any formal contractual agreement.

The following functions are available:

Action Persona Description State
Create Controller/CSM Create/Raise a Work Order Open
Request Quote Controller/CSM Request a quote from a Service Provider or CSM Quote Requested
Add Quote Service Provider/CSM Service Provider or CSM to login and provide a quote SP Quoted
Accept / Reject Controller/CSM Accept or Reject quotes from Service Providers Admin Approved
Send to Client Controller/CSM Send the quote to the Client for approval Client Approved
Create Service Order Controller/CSM Assign a Work Order to a Service Provider/CSM Assigned
Close Controller/CSM Close the Work Order Closed
Internal Notes Notes which are visible to Corporate Staff only
Customer Notes Notes which are visible to the customer on the Client Portal

Go to Operations -> Adhoc Work Orders

  1. Click on “Create”
  2. Fill in the Work Order details
    Select Client, Site, Date required and description of the work order.
    The Clients Job Number is optional and is the customer’s job number or reference number.
    Choose if the work order is for a quotation or a service and the priority.
    The SLA determines the response time for the Service Provider or CSM to respond.
  3. The Work Order will appear on the list
    An email will be sent to the person who created the Work Order and the CSM
  4. Click on the view icon to manage the Work Order
  5. Client on Request Quote and choose a Service Provider to conduct the quote or a CSM to quote on behalf of field staff. Click on the Send button to send the quote.
    • This process can be repeated to send quotes to multiple providers

      The list of Quote requests will appear here –
  6. Click on Accept or Reject on the Service Provider submissions
  7. Click on “Mark Up” to add a mark up price.

    The default mark up is 30% which can be changed.

    Add an additional cost or send the quote to the Client for approval

    Once the Customer approves the status will change to “Client Approved”.

  8. Create a Service Order to the selected Service Provider
  9. Close the Work Order when complete
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