SKG Services Accreditations, Certifications & Compliances

SKG Cleaning is industry certified in a variety of AS/NZS standards. These include:


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 26000
  • ISO 45001


Under the company’s policy of using only “green chemicals” which has been in place for 10 years SKG is able to state with confidence that its sites are environmentally friendly. If our clients are in agreement our cleaners are able to put in place additional environmentally friendly practices such as cleaning under reduced lighting, minimal water use where use is restricted to maintaining levels to meet hygiene regulations in areas such as rest rooms and kitchens. In the areas of waste disposal SKG cleaners are trained to efficiently separate rubbish from recyclables and pack accordingly in either client provided receptacles or SKG provided pick ups.

In undertaking contract cleaning, SKG strives for environmental excellence in all its activities. As part of the commitment to the environment, SKG:

  • Maintain the certified Environmental Management System AS/NZS ISOl400l:2004
  • Keep knowledge of and compliance with relevant Environmental Protection legislation
  • Maintain knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • Continually improve environmental management performance through periodical reviews
  • Develop and set environmental benchmark objectives on an annual basis
  • Review performance against these objectives
  • Communicate SKG’s environmental policy to all employees, contractors, clients and the public
  • Implemented an action management plan in the event of an environmental accident or incident

SKG uses green chemicals and is huge on waste management and recycling. Besides these, SKG has implemented other sustainable practices such as cutting back on water use, employing waterless solutions and water recycling, ensuring that 98% of all staff work locally to the contract site and encouraging staff to car pool and alternate drivers.

SKG have also secured responses from suppliers such as Agar Chemicals to collect empty chemical containers for recycling. SKG plans over the next 2 years to continue investigating ways it can reduce the company’s carbon footprint, ways it can clean smarter using even greener cleaning agents and ways it can fully motivate staff at all times to exercise care and concern for environmental protection.

By adhering to a minimalist approach in waste management, the wise use of equipment, ongoing investments in sustainable resources and practices, as well as sensitive and deliberate green-conscious chemical usage, SKG Cleaning truly delivers green cleaning.

Sustainable Management Plan

The Environmental and Sustainable Management Plan evaluates the following areas as targets for improvement and action:

  • Air quality management
  • Energy management
  • Biodiversity management
  • Chemical use management
  • Community awareness
  • Waste management
  • Water management

Wherever possible we use alternative energy or optimally efficient cleaning appliances and equipment. We combine these with workplace protocols designed to minimise wastage and optimise efficiency.

When floors are vacuumed or polished, garbage removed, walls washed, windows cleaned or surfaces treated, wherever possible, we keep the environment in mind.

Waste is gathered, separated and disposed of appropriately to enable recycling and optimal disposal.

Using specialised filters we also work to minimise bacteria accumulation in vents, floorboards, storage and office areas. These are then, of course, disposed of appropriately. We remove the problem from you and don’t merely dump it somewhere else.

These might sound like minor issues and individually they contribute but only a bucket load to the ocean of responsible practices required for our greener world. However it is our contribution (and yours) and we will do what we can to preserve our beautiful planet.

The effective use of energy and conservation techniques is critical in applying sustainable cleaning practices.Wherever possible we use alternative energy or optimally efficient cleaning appliances and equipment.

BSCAA Awards - Commercial & Industrial Site

SKG is a member of the BSCAA, Building Service Contractors Association of Australia, and has been for several years. The BSCAA holds an award evening for cleaning companies, cleaning suppliers and sponsors. During our time as members, SKG’s Cleaning Services have been nominated for awards for Excellence in Maintenance Cleaning of Commercial site.

Our achievements:

  • Awarded BSCAA Cleaner of the Year 2014 - Commercial Site
  • Awarded BSCAA Cleaner of the Year 2014 - Industrial Site
  • Nominated for 6 out of 11 awards in 2014
  • Finalist for the Division in 2015
  • 12 of our staff won individual awards in 2015

We put our customer needs and concerns first. We exist to satisfy them, and that’s our methodology. BSCAA industry award criteria includes a significant component that is based on client feedback. SKG:

  • Regarded highly by its customers
  • Exceeds industry best practice standards
  • Strives to provide excellence
  • Selects, trains and supervises their staff with the goal of quality in mind
  • Works around your time needs
  • Functions in a manner that helps you stay focused on your business
  • Cares about your equipment, products and premises
  • Uses the best in cleaning machinery and equipment

Commitment to Safety

SKG is committed to ensure the safety of all employees, as well as clients and visitors in the workplace. Every employee, regardless of position, has an individual and co-operative responsibility to be uncompromising with regard to health and safety. Risk management is incorporated as an integral part of all business initiatives and operations, ensuring all hazards are identified, assessed, controlled, and modified as necessary to maintain safe working activities.

The success of SKG’s operations depends on the people employed. The well-being of employees is therefore the major consideration in all company operations, whereby safety is one of SKG’s greatest responsibilities.

SKG’s WHS policy statement expresses the following commitments to health and safety in the workplace:

  • Maintain the certified WHS Management System AS/NZS 480l:200l
  • Abide by all statutory and regulatory obligations as a minimum
  • Pursue best practice applications beyond these requirements
  • Provide the necessary training for all staff to safely perform their duties
  • Consult with staff, on a regular basis, to identify and control risks
  • Maintain plant and equipment in a safe operating condition
  • Isolate defective or dangerous equipment until fixed
  • Set and monitor WHS improvement objectives and targets
  • Induction and Training


SKG is committed to continually improving the way business is managed and the way the business encourages staff to develop their skills. Internal and external training aims to:

nurture a culture that values training and development, so that staff have the opportunity to reach their potential as a result of our staff training and development, SKG encourage long service and loyal employees deliver increased value to clients and stakeholders due to more efficient and competent staff.

SKG achieves these objectives by:

  • Inducting all personnel
  • Clearly communicating values and expectations
  • Conducting regular performance reviews with staff
  • Identify training and development needs
  • Consult with staff, on a regular basis, to identify and control risks
  • Meet individual and business objectives
  • Encourage individuals to train and develop themselves
  • Help staff realise their personal potential
  • Induction and Training

Safety and Environmental Management

Quality Management integrated with Safety and Environmental Management is the basis on which services and the conduct of SKG’s business operations are based.

SKG’s Key Quality Business Objectives Provide:

  • Exceptional service
  • Reliability for the duration of the contract
  • Quality workmanship
  • Committed & trained personnel
  • Value for money
  • Highest quality materials
  • Encourage individuals to train and develop themselves
  • Satisfaction to industry regulators & staff
  • Service in a professional & ethical manner

All management meetings, supervisory visits, staff training and daily operations are designed to meet client needs. Through the use of documented procedures and forms, site inspections and sign offs, SKG is able to closely monitor the level of performance delivered to clients. Full implementation is an integral part of our service to clients through training and induction with regular updating to ensure full compliance with our Integrated Business System (IBS). Certified to the AS/NZS ISO 900l:2000 Quality Management System standard, SKG recognises the importance of providing quality service outcomes and endeavours to extend such quality service influence by encouraging suppliers to apply the same principles to their operations, especially when providing cleaning products or services to the company.

The Quality Management Standard overarches all activities Procedures are documented and reported to cover all key areas e.g. document and records, management reviews, auditing, customer requirements, training and regulatory monitoring. Daily operations run in accordance with the established procedures. These operation procedures, in some instances akin to duty statements, have been developed to cover key tasks such as the contract cleaning management procedures. These provide the Client Service Managers with a clear blueprint on how to manage their client sites, e.g. mobilization for new contracts, quality control, responding to complaints, feedback to clients, monitoring performance, monthly reports and ensuring materials supply.

HACCP system

SKG Pty Ltd contracts to provide a range of commercial and related cleaning services, throughout NSW and interstate, including contract cleaning and cleaning maintenance in accordance with client contracts and any additional requests.

SKG’s intention is to maintain and continue the highest level of Quality and Reliability of Service at the lowest practicable cost and to meet and surpass the contract requirements, needs and expectations of our clients.

Food Safety has an equal significance in SKG quality assurance program, and the HACCP system has been implemented to address these issues. SKG meet FSANZ Food Standards Code and any other state legal requirements including specific customer requests.

All members of the SKG team are expected to comply with the procedures as documented in the quality assurance system. Commitment to quality and safety is paramount to ensuring that SKG customers’ expectations are achieved.

The quality manual / HACCP system developed for SKG has been developed to adhere to the FSANZ Food Standards Code and the Codex Guidelines. SKG cleans food premises in accordance with the premises food safety requirements specific for that industry by documenting & implementing an individual program for each client. Both safety and quality issues are reflected within the system to ensure safe, quality cleaning to our customers.

The purchasing & delivery of cleaning supplies to food premises & contract cleaning these premises in accordance with the premises cleaning & food safety requirements. The product ranges covered in the Quality Manual/HACCP Program include: N/A – SKG provides a contract cleaning service only, there are no food products produced, handled, packed or stored.


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