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SP Onboarding

  1. Click on “SP Onboarding” under HR
    sp onboarding01
  2. Click on “Invite” to create an onboarding invitation for a service provider.
    sp onboarding02
  3. Fill in some basic details for the service provider and click “Send” to send out the invitation.
    sp onboarding03
  4. After the invitation was sent, the service provider will receive an email as below. And they can click on the link to start the onboarding process.
    sp onboarding04
  5. Step 1 – fill in basic information of the company
    sp onboarding05
  6. Step 2 – Upload certificate, insurance and licences.
    *If the SP type is adhoc, then all insurances are mandatory.
    sp onboarding06
  7. Step 3 – enter service details, including services offered, region covers and rates.
    sp onboarding07
  8. Step 4 – Fill in staff details
    sp onboarding08
  9. Step 5 – enter password to create a new user account
    sp onboarding09
  10. Step 6 – Review Contract and sign.
    sp onboarding10
    sp onboarding11
  11. After finishing the form. Click “Submit”. Now the SP onboarding is completed and the admin can view the record from the SP onboarding list.
    sp onboarding12
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