Ongoing Measure

SKG recognises the following areas as essential to achieving ongoing quality outcomes and business growth in partnership with clients and the general public:


Review current and future work activities to ensure our clients and the community have no cause to question or complain with the way we handle work or operate in local communities.


Consider the broader environment when we are allocated contract work in both residential and industrial/business locations


Work only within the legal boundaries governing time, access, noise and disruptions


Restrict work outside the normal legal limits to emergency response activities – when it is in every ones interests to solve the problems as quickly as possible


Advise the wider neighborhood of impending work – even emergency activities. Accommodate groups with special needs – e.g. access and egress while work is underway


Enhance all work practices in accordance with WorkCover requirements and regularly review these processes to ensure identified levels of risk are regularly reduced


Recognise quickly when the fault lies with SKG and immediately rectify the problem

Our Key Emphasis

We are committed to treat potential clients and new clients, in a professional, competent and courteous manner. At all times our key emphasis is quality, safety and sound business practice that leads the company to:

  • Clear understandings of customers, and community
  • Firm understandings of regulatory requirements
  • Attain these requirements with all work undertaken
  • Generate ongoing improvement in teamwork, processes and disciplines
  • Review and train staff in essential skills and competencies
  • Recognise the staff performance and their unique added value