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HR Conversion of Employment

Once employed as a casual, an employee will continue to be a casual employee until:

They become a permanent employee through:

  • casual conversion,  ( find attached updated statement to replace in SKGenius in step  ) 
  • or
  • being offered and accepting full-time or part-time employment, or they stop being employed by the employer.

FLEXIBILITY After 12 months of employment, you can make a written request for flexible working arrangements if you’re 55 or over, a carer, have a disability, are experiencing violence from a family member (or are supporting a family or household member who is), or are the parent of, or have caring responsibilities for, a child of school age or younger. This includes employees returning from parental or adoption leave asking to work part-time to care for the child. Your employer must respond in writing within 21 days. They can only say no on reasonable business grounds. You and your employer can also negotiate an individual flexibility arrangement. This would change how certain terms in your award or enterprise agreement apply to you. An individual flexibility arrangement must be a genuine choice – it can’t be a condition of employment – and it must leave you better off overall

  1. Go to “HR” -> “Conversion of Employment”

hr conversion01

  1. Search for the user and click on the “conversion” button on the far right

  1. Click on the mode of employment i.e.  “Part Time” or “Full Time” to convert to.

  1. The staff member receives the following email 

  1. The staff member must open the link in the body of the email and must login using email address and password creating during the Onboarding process.

(If the staff cannot login then they have forgotten their password and their password must be reset)

The updated engagement letter will be shown below – 

  1. The Employee signs the updated engagement letter 
hr conversion06

hr conversion06

  1. The staff members employment will be converted when they sign and click on the “submit” button.
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