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Tenders / Quotes

SKGenius offers and end to end tender and quotation management system.

Tenders follows a more formal process than quotations with greater probity. 

The process is also integrated with the Tender site inspections process.

Please find the process below –

  1. Click on “Tenders / Quotes” under “Business Development” and click on “Create” to create a new tender.
  2. If you need to create tenders for a new client, then please fill in the details of the new client and click on save. Please make sure all the mandatory fields were filled in, so that you can save the new client.
  3. After the client details, you can now choose the client from the client list.
  4. In Step 2 of the form, please choose if this is a tender or quote, and enter the details as required. 

    If there’s no mandatory site inspection needed, you are now done with the tenders creation. 

    But if there’s a mandatory site inspection, please choose “Yes” for the question and continue with step 3 & 4 of the form.

  5. Create a new site or choose from an existing site.
  6. After creating the new site, it’ll show up in the existing site list. Choose the one you just created and continue with Step 4.
  7. In Step 4, complete the details for site inspection, nominate a site contact and upload any related documents.
  8. If you chose Quotation in Step 4, then you can preview quotation pdf on this page. But if you chose Tender, then there’s no such option.
    For the clients, they’ll receive an email with quote pdf as below. With a friendly message and agreements
    – If the quote is created for a new client, then their quotation pdf will have bit more information which requires them to fill in.
  9. Then after submission, the Tender/Quote is created for the client and you can see it in the tender/quote list.
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