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Approve a Timesheet

Timesheet approval is required to review an employee’s timesheet. Once the manager approves the timesheet, it will then be forwarded to payroll for processing.

The Timesheet approval will default to last week, so that last week’s timesheet can be approved. You can change the search criteria to “This week” or select a custom date.

To approve a timesheet, follow the steps below –

1.  Go to “Operations”->”Timesheet Approval” 

(You can also approve a Timesheet from the Roster area)

2.  Select the “Site”

3. Update the individual timesheet entries by click on the pen

4. Click the “Approve”   button to approve the timesheet

5. Add comments to the roster/timesheet period.

6. Click “Approve Timesheet” to mark the timesheet as approved.

The Timesheet will be added to the export file which will be sent to payroll for payment processing.

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