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Partial Leave

  1. Create a partial leave request

      1. As an Admin, you can create a leave request on behalf of the employee.
        • Click on “Leave” under HR, to open leave request page
          partial leave01
        • Click on “Create” to create new leave request
          partial leave02
        • Then fill in the leave request details including the employee you creating leave request for, the actual time of leaving, leave type and add attachments for certain type of leaves.
          partial leave03
        • Once the leave request is created, you can see the created request on the page, so as in the HR log.
          partial leave04
      2. The leave request can also be created on the Timesheet approval page.
        • Jump to the “Timesheet approval” page under “Operations”
          partial leave05
        • Select the date that you need to create a leave request.
          partial leave06
        • Then fill in the details needed.
          partial leave07
        • After the request is saved, you can see the partial leave was added to the day, and the work hours also changed based on the leave time.
          partial leave08
      3. Employees can also create their own leave request from the employee portal
        • Log in to the employee portal and click on the leave request.
          partial leave09
        • The request will then show in the leave request list and wait to be approved.
          partial leave09a
        • Once the leave request is being approved/rejected, the status will be updated on the list.
          partial leave09b
  2. View partial leave and work hours after leave request.
    After the leave request was created, you can also see the partial leave and the work hours left in both the Rosters page and the Timesheet approval page.

    • Rosters page
      partial leave10
    • Timesheet Approval page
      partial leave11
  3. Check in after the leave request, the system will calculate the discrepancy and paid hours automatically.
    partial leave12
    partial leave13
  4. Create leave request in the “Timesheet approval” page
    In the Timesheet approval page, you can also create a leave request, if the worker is on leave on their rostered days.

    • Jump to the “Timesheet Approval” page under “Operations”
      partial leave14
    • Click on the “Approve” icon on the specific day.
      partial leave15
    • Fill in the leave details and choose to approve or reject the timesheet.
      partial leave16
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