Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

SKG's commercial cleaning services embrace all aspects of office & commercial cleaning. We provide daily tasks, such as washroom hygiene through to periodical cleaning, care of carpets, walls, ceilings, windows & even workstations - We can look after every detail that relates to the cleaning of a commercial premise. We are office-cleaning contractors that place a huge emphasis on hiring & training the right people. We are committed to providing quality commercial cleaning solutions.

Security in Commercial

SKG have a clear understanding that security is essential for all business however, we also understand that such security must sometimes be understated and more in accordance with the profile of the business you conduct.

Commercial Cleaning Experience

SKG Commercial Cleaning is a family owned and operated commercial cleaning services provider. Our reputation was earned gradually and conscientiously over four decades, and we use this experience and expertise to accurately scope, quote and service every commercial cleaning need.

Commercial cleaning is very competitive and highly regulated. We compete on price and exceed both legislative and quality requirements, which is why we win awards and our clients love what we do. Our commercial cleaning services are award-winning, comprehensive and provide a seamless service delivery to allow you to focus on your business.

Our Staff

Our staff meet and surpass industry standards in job performance, security clearances, expertise, courtesy and appearance. All staff follow the Quality Assurance protocols for which we are accredited, all are well trained and all are comprehensively supervised.

What We Ensure

We believe engaging the right commercial cleaning services company is a wise investment. Your ability to survive and thrive in a competitive commercial environment will be highly influenced by your customer’s perception of you. SKG will ensure that when clients come in contact with your business they recognise your professionalism - at least as far as your cleanliness is concerned.

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