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SKGenius Mobile App FAQ

Cleaner cannot sign in
Check if the surname and mobile number is correct 
  1. Go to Users -> User Management
  2. Type the name of the user and double check if the mobile number and surname is correct
The App does not appear on the Apple App Store

Upgrade to the latest version on your iPhone

The iPhone 6 does NOT support IOS 15 but the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus does.

Older versions of iPhone 5 does not support IOS 15 and cannot be downloaded on the App Store.

The Site list under “Staff Check In” is empty

The Field staff have been assigned to a Site in SKGenius

  1. Go to Users -> User Assignment
  2. Assign the relevant sites to the Field worker
I receive an NFC error when I try to check in or check out.

NFC is automatically enabled on all modern iPhone and Android phones (including Samsung) 

Other Android phones require NFC to be turned on

The SKGenius mobile app is returning the following error about permissions.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it and make sure that the permissions are enabled.


I cannot find SKgenius on the Play Store or I receive the error Phone is not compatible with SKGenius

Install the App from the website

  1. Download the app from the website
  2. Open the downloaded application
  3. Click “Settings”
  4. Turn on “Allow Apps from this source”
  5. Go Back
  6. If Play Protect is enabled you will get this message click on “Install Anyway”Or Click on “Install”

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