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HR Onboarding Admin Guide

HR Onboarding allows you to record new employee information.

Inviting an employee in SKGenius will send them an email with a link to a 5-step form. Once the employee saves their form, their details will automatically show in HR Onboarding.

These details include:

  • Personal Details
  • Documents
  • Bank Details
  • Medical Information

When the onboarding user has been created in HR Onboarding you must add the employee’s start date in SKGenius to indicate the employee’s commencement date.

A copy of the employee’s application can be viewed in HR Onboarding.


* Please double check if an Onboarding Record already exists before sending an Invite.

If the Onboarding Record exists, then no action is necessary as the record already exists.

* Please double check if the employee exists under HR->Employee/Staff.

If the Employee record exists but the Onboarding record does not exist, then please proceed with Onboarding invitation using the same email address.

This will link the existing Employee record with the Onboarding record but the email address must be the same.

Inviting a new employee

  1. Log in to SKGenius
  2. Select HR from the menu on the left, then Onboarding
  3. Click the Invite button on the top right to invite staff for onboarding
  4. Enter the employee’s details
  5. Click Send, emailing the employee an invitation email


1. Log in to SKGenius

1. Log in to SKGenius

2. Go to “HR” -> Onboarding

2. Accessing HR Onboarding in SKGenius

3. Click the Invite Button

Invite Button in HR Onboarding

4. Fill in the invitation details and send invitation email
Fill in Name and email, select the staff type, company name and state based on needs.


Invitation Details

5. Click “Send”, emailing the employee an invitation email

Below is the Invitation Email that will automatically send to the employee:

Invitation Email Automatically Sent to Employee

After clicking “Complete Onboarding”, the employee will fill in their 5-step form.

To see what the form looks like, view the HR Onboarding Cleaners Guide.


HR Onboarding Guide

6. Click on “Invite Queue” to check on the onboarding inviations.

Click Invite Queue

7. Invitations sent can be found in the list.

Invite Queue

8. Click on “HR Onboarding” to back to the onboarding list

HR onboarding

9. Once the staff is onboarded, the details will appear on the list.

Onboard list

10. If the “Submitted Date” is blank, then the employee has not yet submitted the form, and has saved the form to complete later.

Saved Onboarding


Headings Explanation

Headings Explanation
First Name
Last Name
Staff Type Casual, PartTime or FullTime Employee
Vevo Expiry Date
Email Sent The email address the invitation was sent to
Created Date The date the onboarding staff was created
Submitted Date The date the onboarding staff completed and submitted their form.

If the “Submitted Date” is blank, then the employee has not yet
submitted the form, and has saved the form to complete later.

Start Date The date the employee starts work



Icons Action

In HR Onboarding, by clicking the icons, you can view the staff’s:

  • Application
  • Letter of Engagement
  • Documents
  • Bank Details
  • Edit the Staff’s Application
  • Add the Staff’s Start Date
  • Delete the onboarding user

Icons Explanation

Icons Explanation
Eye Icon Click to see the staff’s application. This is view-only
PDF Icon Click to see the staff’s letter of engagement
Clip Icon Click to see the staff’s documents e.g. passport, police check, tax form, super form
Dollar Icon Click to view the staff’s bank details including the account name, BSB and account number
Pencil Icon Click to edit the staff’s application
Calendar Icon Click to add the staff’s start date, Level (Classification) and starting roster.
Bin Icon Use to delete the onboarding user


HR Onboarding – Adding an Employee’s Schedule

Once a new staff member has been onboarded, rostered and has commenced their first shift, the CSM must perform the following in SKGenius to ensure the cleaner is set up and paid.

1. Click on “Calendar” icon to create schedule

Add Schedule2. Fill in schedule details for the employee

Check if the auto-filled name and email is correct

Fill in the start date and Pay rate level based on the Cleaning/Security Award, then select the client and site. Select the day time based on needs.

End date is optional, if no end date is specified, it will be a continuous schedule.

After all details are filled in, the schedule is ready to be saved and sent.

Schedule Details

3. Click on “Send and Send Email” to send the schedule letter to the field staff

Save and Send Email Button

4. Once a schedule letter is sent it is recorded in the schedule section.

Created Schedules

5. Go to Operations -> Rosters

Click Roster

6. Select the site and date of the schedule that just been created.

The roster can be seen in the list.

Roster This Week




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