Quality Retail Cleaning Services

Delivering quality retail cleaning services requires standards to be met that are unique to the retail cleaning landscape. The goal is to ensure your facility looks great, you look professional, your merchandise is displayed at its best and your customers have a purchase-encouraging experience.

Our professional staff are well screened, trained, experienced and led. SKG commercial cleaner’s contract will deliver:

  • Scope requests of your retail outlets
  • Space and flexible delivery
  • Retail Cleaning Service to your customers' needs
  • 24/7 retail cleaning service delivery
  • Positive encounter to your customers
  • Quality presentation to your business by using leading edge technology
  • Use of clean and well-maintained equipment
  • Ethic of professionalism
  • Care the way your customers will appreciate
  • Ensure WHS (work health and safety) is at the forefront of their methods
  • With conscience when using equipment in your locale
  • Peace of mind in all our operational capacities
  • Industry retail cleaning contractors with a conscience
  • Sustainability practices
  • Environmentally friendly retail cleaning methods
  • Sustainable retail cleaning products
Security in Retail

SKG can apply a well-developed sense of aesthetic and customer gratification that you strive to promote, through the minimization of shrinkage and robust regimes of safety.

Optional Extended Cleaning Services for Retail Stores

We deliver quality retail cleaning services to both standard and unusual shopping centres and retail showrooms. Your display counters, staff areas, browse areas and traffic-ways will all receive our focused attention. If you would like, SKG can also provide:

  • Washroom services and requisites
  • Cleaning and toilet consumables
  • Hygiene services
  • Waste removal

Our staff are well aware, that when they are in your establishment, they reflect the values and standards of your enterprise. As a result, they present themselves professionally and courteously. At SKG we are proud to say that the ethos of client-centred delivery is well established in our company. It has been, and will always be, modelled, trained and required from the top down.

Once you’ve joined our client base, you won’t need to worry again about the quality or price of your cleaning services for retail stores.. You will be looked after at optimal times and at affordable rates.

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