Healthcare-Associated Infection

The potential of HCAIs (healthcare-associated infection) and the need for significant levels of flexibility in service delivery, means that cleaning providers have significant responsibilities, as well as the hospital and healthcare administrators. SKG understands that HCAI could not only destroy lives, but also destroy the business reputation of medical professionals and organisations alike. We have the knowledge and expertise to protect and deliver the professional industry standards you require.

We know that commercial cleaners in the healthcare industry have very little margin for error. It is not a service arena to be entered lightly - so we engage it with exemplary professionalism and quality assurance practices.

Security in Healthcare

When people are at their most vulnerable, we can ensure physical security is one factor they do not need to consider in recovery or during treatment.

Department That Operates in a Triage

SKG understands that hospitals and medical facilities are not your typical workspace. It is not only the emergency department that operates in a triage scenario. Due to competing priorities, a lack of space and resources, and finance, the tender is usually challenging.

SKG commercial cleaners can perform high quality work, in a short and flexible time span and at an affordable price.

SKG commercial cleaner’s contract will deliver:

  • High quality work
  • Careful use of chemicals
  • Strategic use of equipment to help
  • No hinder to your environment
  • No distruptions to your staff and patients
  • Motivated & experienced staff
  • Self-motivated & skilled supervisors
  • Flexible work methods and timing variability
  • Genuine care around your patients
  • Compatible & affordable prices
  • 24/7 service

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