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When it comes to healthcare cleaning services, we understand how crucial it is to maintain a clean, germ-free environment. Our team has all the skills and expertise necessary to make that environment possible.

We are a professional cleaning company offering a comprehensive range of healthcare cleaning services to businesses throughout Sydney, Australia. 

Healthcare environments include care homes, medical practices, medical centres, dentists and more. We understand that there are strict processes and guidelines in place concerning the safety of staff and patients. Here at SKG Services, we can provide specialised, medical deep cleaning for these establishments, supporting both private and public healthcare systems. We strive to assist in sustaining the highest levels of cleanliness, minimise the risk of infection, support you in protecting your employees’ health and maximise patient care. We attempt to relieve any added pressure or concerns you will have regarding cleaning, particularly in the current pandemic. Ease your mind today and contact SKG Services.

Covering All Aspects of Healthcare Facilities

SKG Services has had over 45 years of experience working in the healthcare industry. We have qualified cleaners who can navigate their way around the facilities with minimal disruption and maximum cleaning efficiency. The areas that we cover include but aren't limited to:


Admin and Waiting Rooms

surgery room

Operation Rooms and Theatres


Pathology Labs


Common Staff Rooms


Bathrooms and Storerooms


Lifts and Stairs


Chairs, tables & cupboards

Washing your hands and the use of hand sanitiser can help minimise the risk of infection, but to have the sterile environment needed within the healthcare industry, it's important to consider commercial cleaning services for peace of mind.

Some of The Tasks Our Cleaners Do in Healthcare Facilities

recycle bin

Emptying bins Our team will empty all the bins in each area and pick up any rubbish off the floor. After all, you can't vacuum or mop the floor until everything is removed.

toilet 1

Cleaning the amenities There are a lot of nasty things in toilets like unpleasant smells, germs, bacteria and viruses. This is why, before wiping down any other surfaces within the centre, our cleaners begin with the amenities as they are likely to be the dirtiest. Luckily, we can get rid of any smells or germs fast.


Wiping down surfaces The next task our cleaners do is wipe down all the other surfaces within the centre.
Generally, the surfaces we wipe down in medical centres can include:

  • Waiting room chairs and tables
  • Reception front desks
  • Entrance/exit doors
  • Handrails
  • Walls that have visible dirt marks
  • Staff kitchen and lunchroom surfaces, e.g. tables, chairs, benches
vaccum cleaner

Vacuuming In the commercial cleaning industry, there's no such thing as a quick vacuum. It’s just not that simple, healthcare facilities need a proper vacuuming of the floors to ensure it's spotless. SKG Services will vacuum all floors – edge to edge, corner to corner. In other words, nothing is missed. Additionally, our cleaners will ensure they are using clean filters after every vacuum to make sure the job is properly finished.


Mopping Like vacuuming, there's only one way to mop a floor which is edge to edge and corner to corner. Even if a floor may look clean, it will be mopped by our team. Sometimes there are contaminants invisible to the naked eye that are missed by other cleaners which is why it's important to go over it even if it looks like it doesn’t need attention.

hand sanitizer

Sanitisation & Disinfection We utilise the most efficient techniques and methods such as bio-fogging, electrostatic disinfection and mist blowing space treatment across all surfaces to ensure there are no potential contaminants left behind.


Equipment Sterilisation We have all the industry standard sterilisation equipment to handle your medical equipment and prepare them for the subsequent patient. It is essential to make sure that these are properly cleaned as contaminated medical equipment used on patients can lead to infection and even death in some cases.


A final check Before we leave your site, we conduct one final check to ensure we’ve cleaned everything, locked what must be locked, and most importantly, make sure the site is exactly how you would expect it the next morning, spotless and sterile.

Healthcare-Associated Infection

The potential of HCAIs (healthcare-associated infection) and the need for significant levels of flexibility in service delivery, means that cleaning providers have significant responsibilities, as well as the hospital and healthcare administrators. SKG understands that HCAI could not only destroy lives, but also destroy the business reputation of medical professionals and organisations alike. We have the knowledge and expertise to protect and deliver the professional industry standards you require.

We know that commercial cleaners in the healthcare industry have very little margin for error. It is not a service arena to be entered lightly - so we engage it with exemplary professionalism and quality assurance practices.

Security in Healthcare

When people are at their most vulnerable, we can ensure physical security is one factor they do not need to consider in recovery or during treatment.

Department That Operates in a Triage

SKG understands that hospitals and medical facilities are not your typical workspace. It is not only the emergency department that operates in a triage scenario. Due to competing priorities, a lack of space and resources, and finance, the tender is usually challenging.

SKG commercial cleaners can perform high quality work, in a short and flexible time span and at an affordable price.

SKG commercial cleaner’s contract will deliver:

  • High quality work
  • Careful use of chemicals
  • Strategic use of equipment to help
  • No hinder to your environment
  • No distruptions to your staff and patients
  • Motivated & experienced staff
  • Self-motivated & skilled supervisors
  • Flexible work methods and timing variability
  • Genuine care around your patients
  • Compatible & affordable prices
  • 24/7 service

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