SKG Commercial Cleaning was founded in 1977 by Steve and Kathy Manoussakis. Observing the overall poor quality and general under commitment of cleaning contractors back in the 1970’s, Steve and Kathy Manoussakis took it upon themselves to pioneer the uplift in cleaning standards , revolutionising the way cleaning contractors met client expectations and provide that extra impression towards customer.

Steve founded SKG on the principles of quality, trust and reliability and whilst Steve has passed the reins of SKG to his son George Manoussakis, the Managing Director, he still plays an active role within the Company and his values and legacy run strongly through SKG’s culture.

The company started with a handful of family members operating in NSW, and today it has a strong team of over 700 employees ranging from senior executives to senior management, from office administrators to site managers and valued and committed cleaners all over Australia.

Core Values

SKG’s core values are the same today as they were at their inception. We believe that building a good working relationship with the cleaning staff is a key factor in retaining them. Supporting staff with their concerns & issues is essential as shown in our training points below:

SKG's Core Values

Our Principles

Fair Pay - Cleaners will be paid according to the Cleaning Services Award 2010.

Fair Workload - SKG Management will always ensure that cleaners are treated fairly with workloads. This ensures that the highest level of service is delivered to the client.

Recognition - SKG rewards it’s staff through various means, including cleaner of the month award, gift certificates, positive feedback amongst other means.

Respect - SKG does not discriminate, and treat staff equally.

Staff Training - SKG provide training and development to all cleaning staff. Incentives are also offered to keep the cleaning staff engaged and knowledgeable with developments in the cleaning industry and its changing environment and issues.

Support - SKG have on-line training available that staff can access remotely from any location to keep up to date with new cleaning techniques and test themselves in Manual Handling Modules, Safety Modules and Chemical Awareness Modules. SKG Area Managers also provide onsite training and inductions, after hours training and tool box meetings allowing cleaners to express their concerns and issues.

Array of Our Clientele

SKG Cleaning has serviced many clients for more than 10 years and some for 20 years plus and we are proud to service such a diverse array of clientele, all of whom rightfully demand individualism and flexibility. SKG provide services to companies both large, small, private, government, retail and commercial, both long term contracts and one-off jobs. By no means is the client list below a complete or full list. It is simply a reflection of the various organisations from different industries that SKG are pleased to service and in turn have sustained long term business relationships with.