Environmental, Social, Governance

We embrace our responsibility to help drive meaningful change for the benefit of all.

We are committed to effectively managing ESG-related risks and to meeting our legal obligations.

For a small-to-medium enterprise, SKG has big ESG ambitions.

To ensure our ESG strategy is successful, we have made a point to emphasise that priorities and plans must be:

  • realistic and achievable for an organisation of our size
  • specific and relevant to our property services business and
  • underscored by clearly defined tasks, timelines and responsibility.
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SKG's commitment to the planet is underpinned by our target to achieve net-zero by 2040. We embrace our obligation to reduce our environmental impact and, through the services we provide, seek to assist our clients to achieve their sustainability goals as well.

We source Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) certified products and use Agar's range of 'green' chemicals.

We continuously scan the market for innovations in equipment and technology - Tersano's iClean technology being just one example.

To reduce waste to landfill, we encourage and facilitate the separation of waste streams (paper, glass, plastic) for recycling.

And we incorporate ‘green cleaning’ into the training curriculum for our cleaners and cleaning supervisors to ensure they have knowledge and skills necessary to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices.


From a social perspective, ESG includes the promotion and protection of human rights, social justice issues, supply chain transparency, labour standards, diversity, community relations, data stewardship and privacy, and occupational health and safety in the workplace.

As SKG is about to submit its 'Reflect' Reconciliation Action Plan to Reconciliation Australia, our 2022/23 social priorities centre around our efforts to contribute to reconciliation in a structured, relevant and respectful way.

We accept and embrace our shared responsibility to assist in closing the considerable gap between Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples and all other Australians.


The governance component of ESG covers can include political lobbying, anti-bribery and corruption, executive pay, diversity within the workforce and boardroom, business structure, tax strategy and corporate responsibility.

SKG’s 2022/23 governance priority is ensuring modern slavery practices are not present within our business or supply chain. Modern slavery is highly relevant to Australia owing to our extensive trade links with the APAC region, where most victims of modern slavery are based. Moreover, modern slavery and labour exploitation in the cleaning industry is well documented.

We have voluntarily submitted our Modern Slavery Statement to the Australian Border Force register and use Cm3, a leading work health and safety system, to source, prequalify and evaluate our subcontractors, including on the basis of their ethical sourcing efforts and workforce profile.

Improving the lives of First Nations Peoples

Indigenous Commercial Cleaning (ICC) is SKG’s sister company. Established in 2019 by SKG Services managing director, George Manoussakis, in partnership with young Indigenous leader, Hayden Charles, ICC is the vehicle through which we create business, employment and training opportunities for Australia’s First Peoples.

As a majority Indigenous owned business, Indigenous Commercial Cleaning is registered with Supply Nation which is recognised by corporate and government procurement teams as the leading directory of Indigenous businesses.

Indigenous Cleaning Services and SKG have the shared vision to empower First Nations communities and Peoples to improve their lives through employment and education.

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