WHS Compliance

SKG is committed to ensure the safety of all employees, as well as clients and visitors in the workplace. Every employee, regardless of position, has an individual and co-operative responsibility to be uncompromising with regard to health and safety. Risk management is incorporated as an integral part of all business initiatives and operations, ensuring all hazards are identified, assessed, controlled, and modified as necessary to maintain safe working activities.

The success of SKG’s operations depends on the people employed. The well-being of employees is therefore the major consideration in all company operations, whereby safety is one of SKG’s greatest responsibilities.

ohandsSKG’s WHS policy statement expresses the following commitments to health and safety in the workplace:

  • maintain the certified WHS Management System AS/NZS 480l:200l
  • abide by all statutory and regulatory obligations as a minimum, and pursue best practice applications beyond these requirements
  • provide the necessary training for all staff to safely perform their duties
  • consult with staff, on a regular basis, to identify and control risks
  • maintain plant and equipment in a safe operating condition
  • isolate defective or dangerous equipment until fixed
  • set and monitor WHS improvement objectives and targets
  • review this policy to ensure it continually reflects legislative requirements and organisational needs

Induction and Training

SKG is committed to continually improving the way business is managed and the way the business encourages staff to develop their skills. Internal and external training aims to:

  • nurture a culture that values training and development, so that staff have the opportunity to reach their potential
  • as a result of our staff training and development, SKG encourage long service and loyal employees
  • deliver increased value to clients and stakeholders due to more efficient and competent staff.

SKG achieves these objectives by:

  • inducting all personnel and clearly communicating values and expectations
  • conducting regular performance reviews with staff, to identify training and development needs to meet individual and business objectives
  • encouraging individuals to train and develop themselves to meet business needs and help realise their personal potential.



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