Food Safety HACCP

commercial kitchenSKG Pty Ltd contracts to provide a range of commercial and related cleaning services, throughout NSW and interstate, including contract cleaning and cleaning maintenance in accordance with client contracts and any additional requests.

SKG’s intention is to maintain and continue the highest level of Quality and Reliability of Service at the lowest practicable cost and to meet and surpass the contract requirements, needs and expectations of our clients.

Food Safety has an equal significance in SKG quality assurance program, and the HACCP system has been implemented to address these issues. SKG meet FSANZ Food Standards Code and any other state legal requirements including specific customer requests.

All members of the SKG team are expected to comply with the procedures as documented in the quality assurance system. Commitment to quality and safety is paramount to ensuring that SKG customers’ expectations are achieved.


The quality manual / HACCP system developed for SKG has been developed to adhere to the FSANZ Food Standards Code and the Codex Guidelines. SKG contact clean food premises in accordance with the premises food safety requirements specific for that industry by documenting & implementing an individual program for each client. Both safety and quality issues are reflected within the system to ensure safe, quality cleaning to our customers.

The purchasing & delivery of cleaning supplies to food premises & contract cleaning these premises in accordance with the premises cleaning & food safety requirements. The product ranges covered in the Quality Manual/HACCP Program include: N/A – SKG provides a contract cleaning service only, there are no food products produced, handled, packed or stored.



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